Julian Rowlands is a bandoneon player, pianist, composer and arranger based in London, UK. As well as specialising in tango music and the works of Astor Piazzolla, Julian is involved in classical, contemporary and world music. This site contains information about his work as a bandoneonist and composer, as well as information on the bandoneon and its music.

Julian regularly appears on national television and radio  in the UK. He tours to major concert and theatre venues as a soloist and with Tango Siempre and other ensembles and orchestras. Composing credits include Midnight Tango and Flying into Daylight.

The music section includes audio and video of bandoneon music and Julian’s compositions. The resources menu contains a host of information about the instrument and its music, and about musical performance in general.

“Here is the tango, raw, intoxicating, speaking with its true voice.” – Financial Times

“composer and bandoneon master Julian Rowlands ensures that the evening reaches the state of tango nirvana” – The Guardian