“Here is the tango, raw, intoxicating, speaking with its true voice.” – Financial Times

“composer and bandoneon master Julian Rowlands ensures that the evening reaches the state of tango nirvana” – The Guardian

“There is remarkable talent on stage. Musician Julian Rowlands spends the performance in the shadows, but the siren-song of his bandoneon underscores the whole production.” – The Stage

“outstanding work from Julian Rowlands on bandoneon” – The Stage

“The third character is the music, written and performed on stage on a multitude of instruments by Julian Rowlands, and it is a central character, establishing atmosphere and setting emotional tone.” – British Theatre Guide

“His musicality was clear…the string quartet led once again with great skill by Rowlands” –

“Julian Rowland’s characterful bandoneón … accomplished playing” – Seen and Heard International

“Julian Rowlands is one of the UK’s few genuinely accomplished players of the bandoneon – the snaking accordion whose rich and plangent tone is at the heart of the passionate darkness of Argentinian dance music.” – Venue Magazine

“the deep and lyrical expressive range of [the bandoneon] came to life effortlessly in the hands of Julian Rowlands” – Somerset Guardian

“Julian Rowlands, the UK’s only full-time professional bandonen player, coaxing that wonderfully soulful sound so central to tango music out of the horrendously hard-to-play Argentinean squeeze box.” –

“a master of this traditional tango instrument” – Bicester Advertiser